Papi underwear is always exciting, luxurious and fun. Each pair of Papi underwear is designed for the utmost comfort with a fine-tuned fit and supremely stylish cut. With an athletic energy, Papi underwear has an expressive, body-conscious fit so guys who wear the brand can feel confident in flaunting their sexual energy. Papi underwear are worn by a variety of different men, stylish guys from every demographic, but the styles are geared toward the young consumer who wants quality in every aspect of his life.

The history of Papi underwear

When Papi underwear originally hit the market in the nineties, New York City and the rest of the country welcomed the Papi underwear brand with open arms. And since the beginning, Papi underwear has become a great success. In 2004, Papi underwear was acquired by the Florida-based company, Isaco International, and was been transformed into an even more luxurious lifestyle brand. Now, when people think of Papi underwear, they think quality and cutting-edge style. With Isaco International working as a force behind the Papi underwear brand, it has gained international presence and is now widely-recognized.

One of the things that makes Papi underwear so exciting is that it gives men almost as many options as women normally have in the underwear market. Traditionally, men have had fewer options, but with these styles in Papi underwear, all that has changed. Choose from styles like traditional bikinis and briefs or spice things up with a thong or a jock strap. Guys can choose from:

  • boxers
  • boxer briefs
  • gym short style
  • low rise Papi underwear
  • novelty Papi underwear
  • trunks

Some of the top-selling Papi underwear collections include the Camouflage Collection, a line of Papi underwear made from soft cotton and featuring two different shades of classic camo print, and the Cool Jersey Papi underwear collection, a sporty line made from smooth stretch microfiber. The most popular styles in Papi underwear include thongs, trunks and briefs with lower rises that show off the lower abdominal muscles and look great with hipster jeans.

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