The Best Underwear for Men

Our top underwear styles are extremely varied. Mr. Freshpair prides itself on having a selection that caters to everyone’s individual needs. Whether you’re looking for something small and skimpy, or strong and supportive, you can find it here. Check our full collection of underwear styles today!

Men's Briefs

The brief is a classic everyday style. This tight-fitting underwear offers a covered back and supportive front, with high cut legs for increased movement. Briefs are a comfortable choice when you need tight support but also mobility. They secure everything that needs to be in place and give freedom to the areas that don’t. Check out styles by our favorite brands like 2(X)IST, PUMP!, Jack Adams, and more.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are a merger between briefs and boxers. They have the tight, securing fit of a brief with the length of a boxer. Boxer briefs are flattering on a variety of figures. The covered legs prevent chafing while the tight fit reduces uncomfortable and unflattering bunching under pants. Shop styles by your favorite brands like 2UNDR and SAXX. This style of underwear is sleek and simple, perfect for a long day at work.

Boxer Shorts

The boxer short style is the most relaxed of all the underwear types. The underwear has a loose fit, with long lengths and a gathered waist. You can find styles from a variety of brands from Hanes to Polo Ralph Lauren. Boxer shorts are perfect for when you want a comfortable, casual fit. They work best alone, under shorts, or under loose-fitting pants. Our boxer shorts come in a variety of lengths, prints, and multi-packs. Explore them all today.


Jockstraps are an essential style for the active man. They have a strong waistband with a pouch at the front and rear back straps. The purpose of the jockstrap is to hold your package close to your body, preventing injury from impact and uncomfortable bouncing. The open rear is held in place by straps that provide security and boost. Find styles from your favorite brands like Andrew Christian, Male Power, and more.

Sexy Men's Underwear

Update your underwear with the sexiest styles. Check out men’s thongs, briefs with unique cutouts, and jocks with skimpy designs. You can show off a little skin or go as close to fully exposed as you get while wearing underwear. This collection of underwear has tons of fun features like sheer fabrics, lace details, shaping technology, and more. Shop Mr. Freshpair’s smoldering styles today.

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